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Start your business today in the lucrative markets of loan modifcation, credit repair, debt settlement, and financial services. Our hallmark deluxe software and business startup deluxe kit is a complete set of software, tools, guides and leads which will help you start and or take your business to the next level. Please scroll down the page for more information about this incredible offer. Everything you see listed below is included in the deluxe package.

  • Forensic Loan Audit Software Pro Great Business Value
  • Car Loan Modification Management Software Great Value
  • Credit Repair Management Software Pro Great Value
  • Debt Settlement Management Software Pro Great Value
  • Credit Repair Dispute Letters/Forms Package Pro Great Value
  • Short Sale Office Management Deluxe Software Enterprise Edition Great Value
  • + Foreclosure Lead Management Enterprise Feature Great Value
  • + Real Estate Office Management Enterprise Feature Great Value
  • Short Sale Toolkit Pro Value
  • Short Sale Guide Pro Great Business Value
  • Short Sale Deluxe Forms Great Value
  • 5 Million Mega Nationwide Business Database List Great Value
  • 1.2 Million Nationwide Real Estate Agent Database List Great Value
  • Professional Office Software - Word Processor Great Value
  • + Spreadsheet Software Great Value
  • + Power Presentation Software Great Value
  • Avoid Foreclosure Handbook Pro Value
  • Securitization Educational Guide Pro Value
  • Stop Foreclosure Guide Great Value
  • Statewide State Foreclosure Laws Guide Great Value
  • Request to Cancel Mortgage Forms Great Value
  • Professional Marketing Pro Software Bundle Professional Value
  • Pro Short Sale Lead Finder Software (Nationwide) Pro Value
  • + FSBO Lead Finder Feature (Nationwide) Great Value
  • + Homes For Sale Lead Finder Feature (Nationwide) Great Value
  • Securitization Educational Guide Great Value
  • Stop Foreclosure Guide Great Value
  • Avoid Foreclosure Handbook Great Value
  • Professional Office Software - Word Processor Great Value
  • + Spreadsheet Software Great Value
  • + Power Presentation Software Great Value
  • Real Estate Foreclosure Loss Pro Great Value
  • Real Estate Flipper Pro Great Value
  • Real Estate Investor Pro Great Value
  • Real Estate Course Great Value
  • Real Estate Forms/Contracts Database Great Value
  • Short Sale Guide Pro Great Value
  • Short Sale Toolkit Great Value
  • Forensic Loan Audit Toolkit Great Value
  • 200,000 Consumer Leads Database Great Value
  • Accounting Software Great Value
  • Business Management/Organizor Deluxe Software Great Value
  • Project Management 5.0 Great Value
  • Project Organizor Pro Great Value
  • Sales Letter Creator Software Great Value
  • Profit & Loss Pro Great Value
  • Cash Flow Pro Great Value
  • Deluxe Power Point Templates Pro Great Value
  • 1000 Business Forms Pro Value
  • Deluxe Contracts Pro Business Value
  • Funding Source Pro Pro Value
  • Marketing Tools Pro Business Value
  • Deluxe Website Templates 3.0 Pro Value
  • Business Plan Guide Pro Value
  • 500 + Sales & Business Letters Pro Value
  • Pro Marketing Software Bundle Pro Pro Value
  • Website Design & Development Software Professional Pro Value
  • Google Search Engine Ranking Booster Software Enterprise Pro Pro Value
  • 1,000 Website Templates Package Pro Pro Value
  • Search Engine Rank Booster Video Course Bonus Pro Value
  • Live Chat Support Customer Service Software Pro Pro Value
  • Business Incorporation Kit Pro Package Great Value
  • How to Start A Business Guide Great Value
  • Marketing Guide Pro Great Value
  • Free Updates Great Value
  • Free Tech Support Great Value
  • Free Shipping-Same Day Delivery! Great Value

All of the software, tools, leads and more listed below are included! All are full version with free tech support!

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Credit Repair Turn Key Business Package (Great Value) This is a turn key deluxe business package for the credit repair business. Included in the package is the easy to use Credit Repair Software Pro, business forms, optional back end processing for your files, complete business management software, and more.

The turn key business package also includes the credit repair software pro. The credit repair software allows you to manage and keep track of the credit repair process. It allows you to load documents into the software from your clients and allows you to have a paperless office. The credit repair software also allows you to take notes and input manual entries into the notes section for each client you enter, allowing you to stay on top of each credit repair file you receive. The credit repair software is essential to staying organized and ensuring the credit repair process is completed in a timely manner. Credit Repair Software also allows the proccessing of credit repair files virtually from your computer. This advantage credit repair software gives you will save you alot of time in trying to print all the forms out and having a physical file. The credit repair software allows you to virtually go paperless and acts as a database for you to enter in your clients information. This allows you to scroll through your clients files and make sure each one is getting the attention it deserves. This is a great benefit to using credit repair software.

� Complete Deluxe Turn Key Credit Repair Business Package
� Credit Repair Software included
� Complete Business Management Software to Manage your business
� Business Forms & Back End Processing Support

Debt Settlement Turn Key Business Package (Great Value) Debt Settlement Turn Key Business Package is a deluxe business package to get you started and making money in the booming debt settlement business. Included in this package is the Debt Settlement Software Pro deluxe software, business management software, business forms, leads, and more. Get started today and make money in this booming debt settlement business.

Debt Settlement Software is also included with this deluxe turn key business package. The debt settlment software is designed to keep you focused on getting the debt reduced and in more favorable terms while the software keeps track and organizes each client in the software for you. Load debt settlement forms directly into the software and complete your debt settlement quickly and easily. Debt settlement software is very important when entering the lucrative field of debt settlement. Since you will come across many different clients with different set of debt reduction needs. A debt settlement software solution is crucial to stay organized and process certain calculations to get help in the debt settlement process. Debt settlement software also allows certain forms to be produced from the software which breaks down expenses, income, existing loans, and more. Debt settlment software is essential when starting in the debt settlment business.

� complete Turn Key Business Package
� Debt Settlement Software Included
� Easy and simple to use
� Start Making Money Today

Real Estate Turn Key Business Package (Great Value) In the current Real Estate Market there are limitless opportunities for making money in many diferent ways. This turn key real estate business package will get you started and making money in the lucrative real estate business. Included are Loan/Real Estate Deluxe Software, Business Management Software, leads, tools, business forms, real estate guides, courses and more.

� Real Estate/Loan Software included
� Complete set of real estate business software, tools and more.
� Real Estate Contracts & Forms included
� Start making money today

Loan Mod Business Turn Key Package (Great Value) Loan Modifications are in high demand as more and more homeowners face forclosure as seen on national news venues on an almost nightly basis. At the current rate of nearly 10,000 foreclosures a day many homeowners will seek a loan modification to save their home. You can cash in on this rapidly growing in demand business with the turn key loan modification business package. Everything is included including Professional Loan Mod Software, leads, loan mod forms for all lenders, loan mod guides, tools, business forms, letters and more. Start making money today with the deluxe loan mod turn key business package.

� Professional Loan Mod Software Included to do loan mods for you
� All Loan Mod Forms, contracts, leads, tools are included
� Cash in on a rapidly expanding market
� Start making money today

Credit Repair Software Pro (Great Value) This deluxe credit repair software is easy and simple to use. Use it to manage your clients credit information, documents and more. Keep track of each step of the process using the built in Notes feature. Stay organized with the crm display which allows you to sort through each customer using their last name, file number and more. Add unlimited amount of clients to the software. Stay organized when disputing credit inquiries, collection accounts, mortgage loans, car loans and more using Credit Repair Software Pro.

� Complete Credit Repair Software Solution
� Manage and keep track of all your clients
� Organize your files and stay on top of your business
� Be more efficient and close more deals

Debt Settlement Software Pro (Great Value) Debt Settlement Software Pro is a robust software solution for the debt settlement business. Use this intelligently designed software to help you keep track of your clients when you are negotiating reduced debt, organize your files and store in them in the software. Debt Settle Pro will also calculate the debt to income ratios important to know when doing debt settlement for your clients. Add unlimited amount of clients to the software and close more deals today with Debt Settlement software Pro.

� Intelligent Calculation System Easy to Use & Understand
� Complete Debt Settlement for your clients
� Manage and keep track of all your clients
� Easy to use and implement

Deluxe Loan Mod Software (Great Value) Add unlimited amount of clients to this software and complete loan mods quickly and easily. This product is the revolutionary Loan Mod Enterprise loan mod software and will instantly prepare the forms, contract and more for your client easily. This allows you to focus on your customer while the software does the rest. Complete loan mods fast with Loan Mod Enterprise.

� Prepares Loan Mod Forms for you instantly
� Add unlimited amount of clients to the software
� Software automatically does the calculations for you
� Easy & Simple to use

Complete Deluxe Website (Great Value) Complete Website Setup and ready for your customers to view and send you their information. This website is fully autmoated and updates itself with daily news allowing your visitors to come on your website and see that it is updated daily. You can also add information to the website with ease, we give you full training on how to add information to the website. Full subdomain included with the package as well as the website design.

� Fully Daily Updated Automated Website
� Great for sending your clients to and obtain leads from
� Complete webSite Design Included

Foreclosure Loss Pro (Great value) A great tool for short sales or getting a loan mod approved faster. Foreclosure Loss Pro shows the lender how much money the lender will lose if they foreclose on the property, it will break down the costs and the loss to the lender if they foreclose. In addition, it shows how much the lender/bank will lose during the entire foreclosure process, breaking down clean up costs, legal costs, and more. This report can then be printed out and sent to the lender/bank, Show the lender how much revenue they will lose if they foreclosure on a home with foreclosure loss pro. This tool will help you save peoples homes and make the lender or bank think twice about foreclosing on a home.

� Shows the lender their loss in revenue if they try to take the home back
� Compiles legal costs, fees and more.
� Use it to print out unlimited reports
� Easy to use

Real Estate Flipper Pro (Great value) Use Real Estate Flipper Pro to quickly analyze real estate deals and make sound decisions to buy, hold or flip. If you are thinking about buying real estate homes, or commercial properties for investments or personal use, real estae flipper is for you.

� Determine if the deal is right for you
� Make good investment decisions

Real Estate Investor Pro (Great value) Real Estate Investor Pro will help you calculate the neccessary calculations to make good real estate investment decisions. Make your next real estate investment decision using real estate investor pro.

� Calculate Net Operating Income
� Make good real estate investments.

Real Estate Education Course (Great Value) Learn how to sell real estate and spot great deals for your next big housing flip. Teaches you the different aspects regarding real estate and real estate deals.

� Great for beginners and experts alike
� Great real estate educational course
� Must needed course for anyone wanting to get into real estate

Real Estate Contracts/Database ($200 value)

Comprehensive databse of real estate contracts and forms easily editable. A must have database for anyone in the field of real estate or thinking about getting into the field.

� Comprehensive database of real estate contracts
� Easily editable with your own information
� A must have database

Short Sale Toolkit (Great Value) Complete short sales fast with the short sale toolkit, which has the forms and the short sale guide included.

� Complete short sale toolkit
� Short sale forms included

Short Sale Guide Pro (Great Value) short Sale Services are in high demand in the current market, use the short sale guide pro to quickly learn short sales and start doing them for your clients quickly.

� Step by Step Guide
� Tricks & techniques revealed
� Get started in short sales today

Forensic Loan Audit Toolkit (Great Value) This toolkit is a great addition to doing real estate, short sales and loan modifications. The forensic audit toolkit will teach you about forensic loan auditing and also includes a 50 point audit which you can do on your own and uncover violations on home loans.

� Manual included
� 50 point audit included
� Learn forensic loan auditing today

Accounting Software Pro (Great Value) Accounting Software Pro is a professional accounting software which allows you to run your own accounting department. Perfect for the small business this software will meet your accounting needs for your business today.

Multi-User, Multi-Company Professional Accounting Software

* Easy setup wizards
* Country-specific accounts
* Design your own invoices
* Multi language support
* Multi-company, Multi-user
* Outlook, Excel, Office Support
* Year end procedures
* T-account viewer
* XML Import/Export
* Backup/Restore
* Context-sensitive help
* Quickbooks Converter
* Plugins Support

Accounting Power
* Debtors/Creditors
* General Ledger
* VAT/GST accounting
* Full stock control
* Customer Database
* Cash Books, Supplier, Inventory
* Point Of Sale Invoicing
* Bar Code Reader Invoicing
* 256 batches
* 10 bank accounts
* 999 sets of books
* 12,000 accounts
* 24,000 sub-accounts
* 40000 debtors & creditors
* 64000 stock items

* Batch entry system
* Invoices/Quotations
* Orders/Purchases
* Credit notes/Stock returns
* Bank reconciliation
* Point of Sale

* Trial Balance, Cash Flows
* Income Statement, Balance Sheet
* Debtors/Creditors Analysis
* Stock Items Analysis
* Sales and Purchase Analysis
* Customised User Reports
* VAT/Tax Reports

Project Management Pro Deluxe Software (Great Value)

Project Management Pro Deluxe Software is a must have software for managing your company and employees. Quickly and easily manage tasks, meet deadlines and more with project management pro software.

Project Management 5.0 (Great Value)
Streamline your projects, keep track of daily tasks and more with project management 5.0

� Keep track of daily tasks
� Complete your projects quickly
� Organize Employees into teams an more
� Professionally designed solution

Project Organizer Pro Deluxe Software (Great Value)

Project Organziro Pro is a great way to keep track of all of your daily tasks from personal to business use. It is literally like a digital secretary. Perfect for the busy professional, use Project Organier Pro today.

200,000 Consumer Leads (Great Value)

Leads are important to any business, start your business off right with 200,000 free consumer leads to market your services to. Market loan mods, credit repair and debt settlement services to these consumers, start your business of right.

� 200,000 Unique Leads

� Double your clients/customers today

Sales Letter Automater Pro Software (Great Value)

Creating sales letters/pitches for all your products can be time-consuming and extremely challenging, especially if you�re not a good writer. Of course, you could always outsource your sales letter to professional copywriters. But, how many of us can afford to pay a few thousand bucks each time just to get a simple sales page churned out?

Sales Automator Pro is a deluxe desktop application that will guide you through the process of creating professional sales pages step-by-step.

By utilizing the full features of Sales Automator Pro to help you crank out your sales letters easily and effortlessly within minutes, it�s like having a copywriter on standby 24-hours every single day. That will certainly save you a ton of time and effort!

Here's what Sales Automator Pro can help you to do:

� Allows you to create sales letters by simply filling in the blanks (so you can churn out sales copies in just a fraction of the time you would normally take!)

� Make your site look professional with a complete mini-site format as the software will allow you to enter your header, footer and product images with ease!

� Inputs the headline, sub-headline at strategic locations (so you can grab your prospects attention and make them read your offer!)

� Easily helps to add credibility to your sales page with automatic insertion of the testimonials you provide. (this will help boost sales tremendously!)

� And so much more...

12 Month Profit & Loss Business Tool (Great Value)
Track your business's profit and losses easily with this professional tool. Find out your revenue strengths and weaknesses easily. This tool is a must have for any business owner or entrepreneur.

� calculate Profit & Loss
� Find out where the main profits are coming from
� A must have tool for any business

Complete Cash Flow Forecast Tool (Great Value)
Find out your cash flow and revenue flow with this intelligently designed tool. A must have for any business or entrepreneur.

� Tracks cash flow into and out of your business
� Perfect for any business owner, startup or entrepreneur.

Power Point Business Templates (Great Value)
Complete Database of power point templates ready to use for your business or personal presentations.

� Complete database of power point templates
� Can be used for any type of business
� Easily edit them

1000 Business Forms & Letters (Great Value)
A great database of business forms and letters which can be used with any business.

� Comprehensive database of forms and letters
� Use for any type of business
� Easily edit them

Customizable Contracts Pro (Great Value)
Comprehensive set of contracts which can be used and edited for your own business. Save on legal fees and use the contracts in this databse for your own business uses today.

� Comprehensive database of contracts
� Easily edit them with your own information
� Great for any type of business

Funding Source Directory Pro (Great Value)
Find your next business loan or start up capital using Funding Source Directory Pro. A must have for anyone thinking about getting into business or improving an existing one.

� Complete directory of business loan providers
� Great source of loans and capital
� Find capital funding for your business

Deluxe Marketing Tools Pro (Great Value)
Complete set of marketing tools to market your business to the next level.

� Comprehensive set of marketing tools
� Flyers, business card and more.
� A must have kit

Deluxe Websites 3.0 (Great Value)
Complete set of ready made websites ready for you to use for your business.

� Professionally Designed Websites
� Ready to upload

Business Plan Step-by-Step Guide (Great Value)
Comprehensive Guide shows you how to write an effective business plan today. Each step is outline and explained in easy to use format.

� Easy to use guide
� Great for any business
� A must have guide

Thank you.

Debt Settlement Software If you are doing debt settlement or thinking about getting into debt settlement, then you will need a debt settlement software solution. Intelligently designed, Debt Settle Pro is an easy to use software for streamlining the whole process when doing debt settlement for your clients. Its a great way to keep track of all the steps and manage your clients in one secure place. Easily complete debt settlements using debt settle pro, please click on the link below for more information. Debt settlement business is a great business to get into. Debt settlement services are always in demand especially in today's market. Consumers are always seeking ways to reduce debt and receive more favorable terms for debt settlement. Negotiating credit card debt with creditors is a big business as credit card debt is debt that many consumers have incurred. Debt settlement is a business which will always be in demand. Get into the debt settlement business today with debt settlement software to help you manage and keep track of your clients debt settlement process. Debt Settlement Software we offer is a great way to get started in the debt settlement business. Our package also includes business software you can use for other businesses also including credit repair and real estate. Credit Repair Software Credit Repair Services are always in demand since a consumers credit score is very important in the current market. Consumers need good credit scores now to obtain mortgage loans, auto loans, credit lines and more. The guidelines for obtaining loans are becoming more strict as better credit scores are needed more now. This creates a need for credit repair service individuals to capture a market share and provide credit repair services to potential consumers and clients.

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